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Architectural Design

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  About Us  


Our mission is to provide unique solutions which contribute to the fulfillment of our customers' dreams, our collaborators' aspirations, and our community's well being.



Our vision is to be a key player in our market by continuously delivering top-quality, innovative solutions, improving our customers' and acquaintances' lives, and contributing towards their own success.




Ponarq 3D, LLC, was established in Mexico City in 1996 by Architect José Luis Ponce S., one of the pioneers in virtual presentations and 3D architecture, holding an important place in this arena while gaining recognition in architecture magazines for its active participation with some of Mexico's most prestigious architecture firms, specializing in the penitentiary area.  Some of its customers include:



 Gobierno Federal de México




 Precoor, S.C. (México and Urugay)


 Triángulo, S.C.




 Cervecería Modelo


 Universidad Intercontinental


 Misioneros de Guadalupe (México, Korea and Africa)


In 1999 it evolved by adding an advertising agency to its services, covering the market needs in publicity and obtaining prestigious clients such as:



 Instituciones del Gobierno Federal Mexicano


 Macrosys, S.A. (México, Colombia, Venezuela and USA)






 Cervecería Modelo


 Arpón International Records


 Discos Ciudad


 Jassen Cilag


For this last company, Jassen Cilag, Ponarq 3D developed one of the first 3D stereoscopic projects in the pharmaceutical arena.


In 2002 it opened its doors in Atlanta, GA, as a launching pad for the United States, expanding its horizons to serve both countries and offer its state-of-the-art and high technology services in audio-visual media, 3D animation, characters design and animation, graphic design, commercial printing, banners and wraps, media advertising consultancy, publicity and advertising campaigns, post-production, visual effects, and architectural services across borders.



The clients who have joined this concept are, among others:



 Steve Rayman Chevrolet  Chicago Supermarket


 Goico & Bolet  Olé Mexican Foods


 New Avenues  El Pollo Norteño


 Royal Prestige  Taquería San Pancho


 Amerimex  Georgia Bus Lines


 Best México  The Eye Institute


 Abaco Mortgage  Willy's Mechanical


 El Cine Mireles  Loco Prices


 Arriva Sports Drink  Univisión


 Bodyplex  Telemundo


 Health Oasis Elim  La Raza 102.3 FM

 Rite4Us Hotel  La Qué Buena 1550 AM


 Atlantrade  La Mejor


 Móvil Entertainment TV  El Universal Gráfico


 Mall's Entertainment TV  Estadio


 Rolling Media  Mi Avenida Páginas Amarillas


 Santa Fé Mall  Feria del Libro


 Assi Plaza Supermercado  Arpón International Records


 H-mart Supermercado  Discolandia




 Musical Videos:  


      Grupo Bryndis  


      Grupo Tierra Cali  

      Grupo AK-7  


      Grupo Dinastía de Tuzantla  


      Grupo Extranjero de Tuzantla  


      Alex Piedra, El Bandolero  




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